One more person has died of the Marburg virus with 40 others quarantined in the Savannah Region.

The person died on Thursday, July 21, 2022.

He is said to be a relative of one of the two people who died from the virus in June.

The two people died days apart after reporting to the hospital with hemorrhagic fever.

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has disclosed that he showed symptoms of the Marburg virus days after the stipulated incubation period.

Marburg virus: 1 more person dies; 40 quarantined in Ghana

Meanwhile, the GHS has revealed that 50 out of 98 persons identified as contacts to the first two cases have been discharged. 

Public Health actions

The Director-General of the GHS said other measures being implemented include: alerts sent to all districts, community engagements – Intensive risk communication in the affected region and further investigations on the outbreak ongoing.

  • Constitution of a Rapid Response Team (GHS and Partners) to support the regional and district response teams for detailed investigations.
  • Clinical records review and sensitisation of clinical staff.
  • Support with contact tracing and follow-up.
  • Provision of more PPEs and other logistics by GHS/MOH and Partners.
  • Development of training tools and education materials.
  • Training of community based surveillance for volunteers and supervisors.
  • Total of 60 CBSV, 12 CHOs (as supervisors) and eight other staff (as coordinators) trained.
  • Additional training ongoing.
  • Development of National Response Plan.

Next steps:

  • To enhance community engagement.
  • To monitor all contacts for 42 days.
  • To offer psychological support to families.
  • To train CBSVs to do case search and contact tracing.
  • To enhance risk communication activities.
  • Environmental Assessment by Wildlife at affected districts (Adansi North, Bekwai, Prestea Huni Valley, STK).
  • Collaborating with Wildlife and Partners to conduct a nationwide Risk Assessment.
  • Additional sample of 2nd case for confirmation.