File photo: Crime

A Nigerian man is in police grip for allegedly attempting to kill his Ghanaian employee who secured his travel.

The police also uncovered a note detailing the items the suspect planned on using to either kidnap or murder his boss.

It is reported that the suspect, identified as Adams Hadi, from Kogi State attempted to strangle his boss while he slept, after the drug-laced meal he cooked could not do the job.

A source stated that the suspect arrived in Ghana a few days ago to work for the man he met in Nigeria.

His boss woke up and observed that his lips had been glued by the suspect to prevent him from raising an alarm.

The man struggled and overpowered the suspect after which he ran to call for help.

On Tuesday, September 14, he is said to have attacked his boss while he was in deep sleep. He tried to strangle him with a rope but was not successful.

Neighbours gathered and interrogated the suspect. It was then he narrated how his plan was to either kidnap his boss and demand a ransom or kill him immediately and flee with his valuables.

A search in his bag revealed a note in which he detailed the items he would need in committing the crime.

Among them was an injection, a big sellotape, knife, petrol, hot water, gas litter, shovel, rope and acid.

The above-mentioned items were discovered in his bag along with assorted charms and drugs.

He was given a sound beating before being handed over to the police. He faces deportation.