A 24-year-old tricycle rider, Abdul-Gafaru Sulemana, has been sentenced to two months imprisonment by the Tamale district court for stealing a prepaid meter owned by NEDCo.

According to reports, on November 12, 2022, Abdul-Gafaru went to Gumbihini, a suburb of the Tamale metropolis, and was seen with a pair of pliers at the back of a house in the area attempting to remove a VRA/NEDCO electricity meter for a customer.

The son of the customer saw him and raised an alarm, however, the now convict took to his heels and was chased and arrested.

He was then handed over to VRA/NEDCO security officers who then handed him to the police.

After investigations, Abdul-Gafaru was charged and arraigned before the Tamale District Court.

Abdul-Gafaru was charged with an attempt to commit a criminal offence, section 18 of the criminal and other offences Act 1960(Act,29) and stealing and then a suspect pleaded guilty to the charges, hence the court decision.


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The convict was also fined 100 penalty units equivalent to GHS 1,200 or he will spend additional four months in prison.