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A man presumed to be in his late thirties has been found dead in a gutter along Nii Amasa Street near Friends Gardens at Santa Maria in the Ga Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

According to a resident who spoke to Adom News, at approximately 2:00 am, the sound of a car circling the vicinity could be heard repeatedly. However, due to the high crime rate in the area, the resident felt it was unsafe to venture outside and investigate this unusual occurrence.

To his dismay, the body of the unidentified male was spotted in the gutter during daybreak, when he had not been there the night prior.

Some worried residents expressed their fears due to recent attacks and car snatching incidents recorded in the vicinity.

The residents pointed out that the discovery of the man’s body marked the fourth incident of bodies being dumped in gutters within the area, raising concerns.

The victim was fully clothed in blue and white stripped top and a pair of jeans and shoes, igniting suspicion that he was murdered and dumped into the gutter.

The police have visited the scene and retrieved the body.

The Assembly man for Santa Maria Electoral Area, Nana Kwasi Boahen Boanyo, on his part called on the police to beef their presence in the area and also install some of the CCTVs at some vantage points in the neighborhood.