File photo: Cheating notice

A cheating wife has no place in my heart, a man who caught his ‘wife’ in bed with another man in his ‘matrimonial’ home, has said.

Having spent over 20 years together and producing six children, David Danquah Tibu, simply known as DDT, revealed he saw Afia as a wife, despite not performing any rite.

However, not only were they devastated by the ill health of one of their twin children, the couple did not search for a cure.

DDT revealed he opted for medical help, while his wife believed in herbal remedy for the 15-year-old’s eye problem.

It was one of such medical reviews that he attended, only to come home days later to be welcomed with reports of his wife having an affair.

What he said broke him was the fact that the man was none other than the husband of the priestess in charge of the herbal remedy. He also happens to be a neighbour.

Upon questioning, he said his ‘wife’ confessed to having had intimate relations with the said man in their matrimonial home and on their bed for that matter.


But, the accused wife defended her action. She said she was never a legal wife to DDT, thus, she is permitted to run into the arm of any man she decides on.

However, after the back and forth in the studios of Nhyira FM’s Obra, DDT said he was willing to compromise for the sake of their children, but the wife declined to move back in, on the basis that she had been publicly humiliated.