A no-nonsense gentleman stormed a bank to give the workers his two cents over what he said was outrageous debit alerts.

The neatly dressed gentleman put shame aside as he tackled bank officials for failing to address his issues but take delight in debiting him unnecessarily.

Despite attempts by staff and security guards to calm him down, the gentleman kept ranting on top of his voice as other clients looked on.

You dey whine me, I came here yesterday, they commot my money, I came here today too they commot. Shey na you dey work for me,” he is heard quizzing in pidgin English.

The video has since made its way to the internet, with netizens sharing in his pain.

Recently, an elderly man went naked after a bank refused to process the withdrawal of his savings.

Frustrated by the back-and-forth, the elderly man stripped in protest of the poor service of the bank.

Watch video below: