John Mahama

The flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC, John Dramani Mahama has extended warm regards to the hardworking citizens of Ghana commemorating International Workers’ Day.

In a statement on May 1, Mahama called for national unity ahead of the December 7, elections.

Under the theme “Elections 2024: The Role of Workers and Social Partners in Securing Peaceful Elections for National Development,” he emphasized the pivotal role of Ghanaians in ensuring a fair and peaceful electoral process.

Mr. Mahama also criticized the incumbent administration for poor governance, incompetence, economic mismanagement, and institutionalized corruption.

Today’s celebration is tempered by our country’s severe challenges because of poor governance, incompetence, economic mismanagement, and institutionalized corruption under the current administration. Never in our history has a democratically elected government taken a wrecking ball to our economy with such ferocity,” the statement read. 

“The forthcoming elections on December 7 offer us a pivotal opportunity to alter our current trajectory and set a new course. During my first tenure as President, I steered the affairs of this nation through similarly challenging times. We overcame a significant energy crisis, implemented a universal salary structure, spearheaded transformative infrastructural developments, and built a more resilient economy,” it added.

The NDC flagbearer’s vision for Ghana’s recovery is the implementation of a 24-hour economy, aimed at generating sustainable job opportunities and promoting growth. 

He emphasized that, this initiative would not only diversify the economy but also empower the workforce by offering flexible work schedules and enhancing work-life balance, well-being, and productivity.

Mr. Mahama called on all Ghanaians to rally behind this transformative vision, pledging to prioritize the repair work needed to address the current economic challenges facing the nation.

2024 Workers Day Message from Mahama