Former President John Mahama has criticised the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government for what he perceives as the oppression of teachers.

He argued that teachers are afraid to speak out about the problems in the education sector for fear of being sacked or transferred by the government.

Speaking at a Town Hall meeting in Yendi, Mr. Mahama stated that many educational institutions lack textbooks, but the school authorities are afraid to speak out about these problems.

“The headteachers and the teachers are all afraid to talk because this is a very oppressive government, very unforgiving, intolerant, you must not criticize them. So I say the Independence Day for headmasters and teachers and all those who know what is wrong but cannot talk, the second Independence Day apart from Ghana’s Independence Day, is coming for them on 7th January 2025.”

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer for the 2024 general elections, currently on a ‘Building Ghana Tour,’ noted that the government introduced a new curriculum for basic schools but has not provided the necessary textbooks.

Mahama also stated that many schools are still operating under trees and in poor conditions.

“When NDC was there, anywhere there were schools under trees and children were not learning in good conditions, we came and built new classroom blocks for them.”

The former President empahsised that the next NDC government if he wins the upcoming general elections, will build basic schools that include housing for teachers.

“One of the reasons teachers don’t want to stay is because they don’t have accommodation. Sometimes they go to a village, there is no accommodation to even rent. So he has to stay in Yendi and transport himself every day to the school. So any new school that we build will have accommodation for the teachers.

“And the schools that exist, we are going to prioritise adding accommodation to the existing schools so that the headteacher and a few of the teachers can have a place to stay and be able to teach the children,” he stated.