John Dramani Mahama

Former president John Dramani Mahama has expressed readiness to assist in any way possible to resolve the ongoing communal rivalry in some parts of the Savanna Region.

The violent attacks on Gonja and Mamprusi tribes at Lukula by opposing factions over land and chieftaincy disputes has resulted in the death of seven persons.

Property have been torched, forcing residents to flee from their homes for safety.

In view of this, John Mahama, who has roots in the Savanna Region, has noted with displeasure the happenings in his hometown, in a statement he issued on his social media platforms.

“I have learnt with regret and great disappointment recent hostilities between sections of the Gonja and Mamprusi communities along a disputed border between the Soo and Wasipe traditional areas of the North East and Savanna Regions, respectively.

“These hostilities, emanating from disputes over traditional jurisdictional issues, have led to the destruction of property and loss of lives. This is unfortunate.”

He is of the view that Gonjas and Mamprusis have lived together peacefully for ages and have become family through intermarriage and other social relationships.

Therefore, he called on both factions to endeavour to co-exist peacefully and deploy non-violent means to resolve disputes instead of resorting to arms at the slightest provocation.

“The issues that unite us must surpass those that divide us. I urge the people of Soo and Wasipe to channel their resources and energy into fighting poverty and deprivation, our common enemies.”

He also called on the appropriate authorities including the overlords, traditional council, Ministers and security councils to put all hands on deck to restore calm.

“I call for the urgent intervention of the Overlords of Mamprugu and Gonjaland and the Paramount Chiefs of the Soo and Wasipe Traditional Areas to restore calm and deploy time-tested traditional and peaceful means to resolve the dispute.

“I also call on the Ministers for Chieftaincy, National Security, Interior and Defence and the North East & Savanna Regional Security Councils to take urgent steps to resolve the conflict and restore calm to the area.”