Nhyira Fm's Mama Effe, host of Obra show

Obra, arguably the most-listened-to show on Kumasi-based Nhyira FM will now air on Adom TV.

The show will start airing on Ghana’s most-watched television station from this Sunday, October 25 at 8 pm.

This move is expected to give viewers who don’t have access to the internet or are too busy to catch the show on social media to become part of the big Obra Family.

Obra is a show filled with mind-blowing stories that will leave you shocked, inspired, or amused – from tragic tales to crime and real-life stories, Obra is the show of choice.

The show’s scope range from getting DNA tests for parents over children in dispute, divorce, pregnancy issues, spiritual battles, among others that sometimes require professionals to unravel the truth.


The voices of host Mama Effe and her able and dynamic panelists will soon linger in the memories of Adom TV‘s patrons, as she settles marital problems of a couple trying their possible best to overcome infidelity, for the first time.

Listeners will not be left out, as they get to participate via comments on Facebook, YouTube and phone-ins.

However, Ashanti Regional listeners still have the opportunity to listen to the show at the regular 1 pm slot on Nhyira FM.