Angel Carbonu (L) and Kwamena Duncan

The studio of Asempa FM was turned into an arena for trading insults when President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) attempted to justify teachers’ strike on political discussion show Ekosii Sen programme, Wednesday.

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Angel Carbonu among other things accused some government appointees, including the Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan of taunting them unjustly.

The NAGRAT President believes such positions taken by politicians, especially when in power are just to seek their parochial interests.

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A livid Minister, who called into the show, bit more than he could chew as Mr Carbonu descended on him.

The Central Regional Minister was convinced that the conduct of some of the union leaders exposes them as championing a political agenda.

An angry Carbonu chided the Minister for attempting to cry more than the bereaved.

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“Kwamena Duncan, you cannot teach me lesson of morality and uprightness,” he fumed.

The NAGRAT President said the conduct of the Regional Minister, who was once as teacher, smacks of hypocrisy and double standards.

“You [Duncan] are a reflection of the way politics has fallen in the country. People like this a few months ago were sitting in staff common room with us now your attitude has changed” he opined.

In response, the Minister expressed shock at the conduct of Mr Carbonu who is a union leader.

“You call yourself a union leader and you talk like this? You are more than a boxer in a boxing arena,” he said.

The Central Regional Minister said the government had shown goodwill and commitment and thus expected the teachers to exercise restraint in their demands.

 “He [Carbonu] is portraying a spirit of jealousy; I don’t mind the insults but truth is only one and that is what I have said,” he added.

Source: Ghana||Adwoa Gyasiwaa Agyeman