File photo: A shrine

The woes of a fetish priest, who was reportedly humiliated by the gods at Adamsu in the Bono region, has worsened.


Nana Odiasempa has been banished by the traditional authority in the area for deceiving the public with his fake powers.

His ordeal began when a colleague fetish priest exposed him during a funeral of the fetish priestess of the town, Okomfobaa Eno Adwoa.

Nana Odiasempa is said to have claimed he has powers to double money and make people rich in the shortest possible time.

However, according to reports, none of his clients in the town have been successful after consulting him. Some claimed their poverty situation had gone from bad to worse – an indication that he is fake.

“All attempts by the traditional authorities to call him to order fell on deaf ears so we decided to show him where power lies should he come to the funeral,” Chief of Adamsu, Nana Baah Bediako told Adom News in an interview.

“So when Nana Odiasempa attempted to enter the room where the fetish priestess had been laid in state for public viewing, the linguist of Adamsu, Opanin John Mensah, a powerful fetish priest struck him down.

 “Nana Odiasempa was crippled instantly and begged for clemency before he was healed,” a resident, who witnessed the incident, told Adom News.

Days after the unfortunate event, the chief and elders of the town have decided to punish him to serve as a deterrent to others.

Nana Bediako said they have decided to fine Nana Odiasempa for bringing the name of gods into disrepute.

He is expected to bring three sheep and six bottles of schnapp and an undisclosed amount of money on Friday, February 27, 2020 to pacify the gods of the land which the chief claims are very angry.

Aside the pacification, Nana Bediako said the fetish priest would be banished from Adamsu because the land abhors human sacrifice.

Source:|Adom News