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Just after wedding his wife, this now-79-year-old man noticed a small pimple on his neck but it didn’t occur to him that it would become a big tumour that could drive away his newly-wedded wife less than a week into their marriage.

Damascene Kagabo was born in 1942 and was a handsome young man whom his fiancé did not have any reservations about marrying.

When he detected the pimple which looked harmless to him, he ignored it until it became painful and he bought some painkillers to enable him to enjoy his honeymoon. However, to his surprise, the neck swelled up and grew bigger by the hours.

Sensing danger, Kagabo sought treatment at various hospitals but none could figure out the cause of his problem.

His newly-wedded wife who had just vowed to be with him for better or for worse did not even wait to brainstorm with her husband on the next line of action before she packed bag and baggage and left him to his fate. She blamed his family witchcraft for his predicament and fled with alacrity to escape the wrath of whatever was haunting her husband.

He approached his wife’s family to assist him to make her understand that his problem had nothing to do with witchcraft but they did not give him attention.

Later, Kagabo’s family too abandoned him, citing the same witchcraft as an excuse.

“Everyone has left me because I am sick, none helps me, none even gives me water,” Damascene Kagabo cried in an interview with Afrimax English TV.

What has worsened his light is his claim that all attempts to find some income-earning job to do for a living have been fruitless because employers have rejected him because of his condition.

He has lived a solitary life without a life for the past three decades and over.

He appeals for help from benevolent people to seek treatment for the tumour and regain his former self to the surprise of people who have written him off.