Leila Djansi
Leila Djansi

Ghanaian award-winning filmmaker, Leila Jewel Djansi, has taken to social media to air her views concerning the LGBTQ+ bill which is before Ghana’s parliament awaiting to be passed.

She had a long piece written detailing factors she believes must be looked at towards legalising the anti-LGBTQ+ act in Ghana to protect the vulnerable.


Read her full post below:

Anyone who tells you homosexuality has never existed in African culture hasn’t really read up on African culture!  My momma told me about the practice of woman husbands in Peki years ago.

If anything, Christianity is what wiped out these practices in Africa. Christianity took out a lot of African culture and even taught Africans how to dress well, covering their breasts and chests.

I laugh when men on social media stamp their feet and accuse women of indecent dressing. Please when did y’all learn to wear trouser and shirt? You have a lot to thank the first ships that docked on your shores for.

Women wore strips of cloth between their legs, rubbed wood oil on their breasts and bodies until it shone like a glassy lake in the cold winter.

You want to preserve African culture? Sure!

Bring back tokoatolia. Aka evil forest. Honesty will return.

Don’t celebrate the birth of twins. Ignorantly congratulating a man for his prowess. Kill twins!

I personally would appreciate akavodu. Instant justice.

You got boils? Large pimples? Cancer? Kidney or liver disease? You’re cursed. Go live on the outskirts.

Range Rover? What for? Please walk.

Pastors!!! You must proceed to the shrine post-haste!!

Come on y’all. Leave the LGBTQ community alone. Unless they come to hurt you, leave them alone!

The legalization is not endorsing them, it is protecting human life. Period.

Y’all Ghanaians just stoned a helpless old lady to death cos y’all said she’s a witch! Imagine what will happen if someone mischievously accuses a young man of ‘touching’ him. Y’all will throw tires on him and roast him like a pig without a judge or jury.

Legalizing LGBTQ protects innocent young men from false accusations leading to torture and death.  It protects innocent girls from fingers ramming into their vaginas as punishment for being lesbian. It protects a human being from discrimination.

Leila Jewel Djansi

If a gay guy attempts to rape you, report to the police and it will be handled the same way the rape of women is handled. You will be handled, protected and defended same way women are.