Lady Jay
Lady Jay

Singer Lady Jay says her experiences on social media which got her depressed played a key role in creating her new song dubbed Social Media.

In a interview, the soothing singer disclosed that she was brutally assaulted by her former manager, and when she lodged a complaint to the Ghana Police and subsequently the Ministry of Gender, her complaints were flatly disregarded.

Sharing the experience with tears in her eyes, the singer added that, she resorted to social media to vent out her troubles but she received numerous trolls which got her depressed.


Recounting her ordeal, in a subsequent interview, Lady Jay stated that people who don’t know you, by just watching your social media they think they know everything about you.

She said she created the Social Media song to basically shine light on the fact that not everything on social media is necessarily real.

Aside the cyberbullying, Lady Jay was quick to add the often neglected advantage of social media, adding that “you can all be happy, we can laugh, we can enjoy watching other people’s videos, without the negativity.”