Rockstar Kuami Eugene has subtly quashed the controversy surrounding his biological father as he flaunts him for the first time.

After his fame, many persons have come out claiming to be Kuami Eugene’s father, but the artiste kept flagging their agenda.

A few months ago, an elderly man, who claims he birthed Kuami Eugene, made accusations that he had been neglected.

But, in a new twist, Kuami Eugene has revealed the identity of his biological father, one Alex Marfo.

It has been revealed that Kuami Eugene comes from a genealogy of musicians; his father was once a budding highlife musician.

The Rockstar revealed his father discouraged him from pursuing music, following the latter’s bitter experience in the industry.

He is, however, pleased to have towed that line, as he reveals that his achievement is on behalf of his family.


The Open Gate hitmaker outdoored his father to celebrate him on this year’s Fathers’ Day.

He posted a photo of his look-alike father who was performing one of his tunes, with the assistance of some instrumentalists.

It is no longer surprising Kuami Eugene was a drummer and church singer before gaining limelight.