A Nigerian lady, identified simply as Bercy, has lost her life after being bitten by a snake hiding in her water closet while she was using the restroom at her home.

Her death was announced on social media by one of her colleagues, to mourn her passing. She also preached on the need to be cautious at all times to avert such an unimaginable tragedy.

Lady dies after being bitten by snake hiding in water closet in Abuja (Video)

“Remembering everything we spoke about yesterday morning makes me find it so hard to believe you’re no more haaaa…. No o Bercy is this really true?
My heart bleeds. Please be very cautious of your home and environment… LCPL Bercy was bitten by a snake in her Water Cistern Toilet. (WC),” the friend of the deceased wrote.

She attached a video of the post-death moments where the live snake was being retrieved from the washroom.

Watch the video below: