The Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt, has reacted to the recent shake-up in the Convention Peoples Party’s national executive leadership.

The CPP recently ousted all its national executive officers, replacing them with new interim council members, including notable figures like General Secretary Nana Yaa Jantuah and National Chairperson Nana Akosua Frimpomaa Sarpong-Kumankumah.

Mr. Pratt emphasized the need for the CPP to transcend periodic leadership changes and return to its fundamental values to revive its vibrancy.

He disclosed his participation in the meeting where these changes were discussed and highlighted a warning he received about an anticipated revolution in Kumasi.

The veteran CPP member noted the party’s prolonged struggle and attributed it to a departure from the core principles that define the CPP.

Despite the leadership reshuffle, Pratt cautioned that simply replacing national executive officers might not be a sufficient solution without a fundamental shift in the party’s ideology.

“I was invited to this meeting as a founding member. When the invitation was delivered to me, I was warned that there will be a revolution in Kumasi and that I should prepare myself to participate in that revolutionary struggle. But I decided then to stay out of this revolutionary process.

“The party has not been doing well over a long period of time and everybody knows that. The reason for that is that it has not been able to return to its core values,” he stated.

He expressed optimism that the shakeup could potentially steer the party back on course, stating, “Moving national executive officers and bringing in new ones does not offer an alternative to those parties pursuing a new liberal agenda. I am also confident that this so-called revolution will lead to a situation where the party will return to its core values.”

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