Most rappers find it difficult to settle down with a lady when their music careers gain massive attention and put them in the light to grow their brands.

In an interview with Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he towed the same line saying he is not ready to settle down with any woman.

When the host Andy Dosty asked him if he had presented any lady to his parents, Kwesi Arthur answered in the negative.

According to him, as a musician who struggled on his path to attain the limelight, he isn’t ready to give it all up for a relationship.

He explained that he is yet to attain many of his dreams and goals though he has been appreciated enough ever since he made a debut in the music sphere.


I haven’t presented any lady to them yet. When I am ready I will. I feel like right now I am chasing something – dreams and goals and I wouldn’t have enough attention to whoever. I feel like I am committed to something right now.

Kwesi Arthur on finding love

Talking further, the Grind Day hitmaker said he is looking up to extending his craft across the globe.

I feel like the world is really small and we are all one in a sense on the internet there are no boundaries. I am trying to explore and broaden my wings.

Additionally, he asked his fans to anticipate his Son of Jacob album early 2022.

I am dropping my album next year first quarter. With this album its not just about the music. People should expect good music, he said.