GFA President, Kurt Okraku
GFA President, Kurt Okraku

Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Kurt Okraku, has expressed his displeasure with some stakeholders in Ghana football who are trying to tarnish the image of football.

There were moves to abolish the 26th Ordinary Congress due to FA’s failure to furnish members with a financial statement.

Addressing delegates and stakeholders present at Congress, Mr Okraku called for an all-hands on deck approach to building football in Ghana.

“I must say that it is football that brings all of us together as a country,” the president of the GFA said.


“Let’s come together and build our football. This is the sport that has made me who I am today. This is the sport that brings the country together.

“We are all from various ethnic groups but we are here as one body all in the name of football but my worry is how some of us tarnish the brand we are all trying to protect.

“Football is our commodity that generates us money and sponsorships so why would a stakeholder tarnish the same brand? 

“We must desist from tarnishing the image of our football. I am imploring all stakeholders to stay united because this is a new era. Some members did not show up but we are still united as one body,” he added.