Kumawood actor, Collins Oteng, popularly known as ‘Okomfo Kolege’, has revealed what he told his wife at the mortuary.

To him, even before visiting the morgue, he had high hopes that she would listen and heed his plea.

The Kumawood actor, who lost his wife and baby during childbirth, said he had the opportunity to see them before they were kept in the mortuary fridge, and even at that moment he still had faith that his ‘better half’ could wake up.

Kolege, at that moment, still felt his wife was only sleeping and pleaded with her to get up so they could go home.

“After checking my pulse, they identified that I was okay so they escorted me to the mortuary to see my wife. When we got there, they were about to put her in the fridge so I was asked to see her for the last time. They took the baby out and placed it on her. To me, she didn’t look dead. So I went closer to her and told her to get up so we could go home. She looked like she was sleeping so I told her to get up so we go home. I told her that is not her bed, her bed is home. I told her to ignore all that people were saying about her condition. I felt if I tell her all these things, she will wake up,” he told Kwaku Manu.

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