Music legend Kojo Antwi has advised Ghanaians to protect themselves against the coronavirus.

Speaking in an interview with Becky on JoyNews the musician says even though the government has promised to put measures in place to fight the virus, individuals must also be conscious to heed to medical advice and be extra careful with physical contact.

He said: I don’t know all the facts about coronavirus, I’ve been reading about it and I’ve seen a lot of images coming out of China, South Korea and a whole lot of other places and it’s scary.


My little advice to us as Africans and Ghanaians is that we need to slow down on human contact, at funerals, we need to reduce the pleasantries now that we don’t have all the facts about the virus.

I think we should slow down or find other ways to go about it until we are sure of a possible cure or vaccine.

Watch the video above.