Kofi Akpaloo

Flagbearer of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Kofi Akpaloo has issued a stern warning to former President John Mahama as they both battle for the presidency in the December general elections.

Mr Apkaloo has claimed that the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in its bid to win the election, has stolen majority of his party’s promises.

Mr Akpaloo in a Facebook live session to address his supporters claimed Mr Mahama, when in power, implemented most of his [Akpaloo] promises but this time he will have none of that.

He said most of the promises the NDC are trumpeting were “stolen from his manifesto” hinting he might be forced to go to court over the issue.


“Mahama must desist from this criminal act” of stealing my juicy policies or face my wrath,” he warned.

“We [LPG] stated clearly in our manifesto to build a 10-billion-dollar infrastructure promise. Since 2016, we have been selling to Ghanaians a promise of putting in place an infrastructure fund to help build Ghana” he stated.