Black Lives Matter: Kelvyn Boy preaches against racism in new music video
Kelvyn Boy

Kelvyn Boy has more reason to panic as the alleged thug leader who attacked him at Ashaiman has no remorse whatsoever for his actions.

The alleged leader, identified as Keli, has explained that his actions were justifiable as Kelvyn Boy’s own comments made some time ago warranted the attack.

As readers may recall, Kelvyn Boy, when his ‘beef’ with Stonebwoy first sparked, refused to perform at the latter’s yearly ‘Ashaiman to the World’ event.

He is also alleged to have said he will rather perform for GHS 1 at a non-recognised event than waste a single sweat at the event’s stage.

The comment, he said, is what has angered the thugs when they saw him in their ‘territory’ after he had publicly desecrated the community.


Keli said he was ready to face the laws of Ghana for his actions, asking if Kelvyn Boy appeased the land before agreeing to perform at Ashaiman.

Kelvyn Boy was attacked in Ashaiman when he had gone there to perform at the launch of Electroland Ghana’s new branch at Ashaiman.

Listen to Keli justifying his group’s action: