Gospel musician, Joe Mettle, is of the view that many big churches aren’t inclined to setting up record labels for gospel musicians who worship with them because they have different priorities.

According to him, there is no way some churches will be tempted into such an idea because it shifts them away from their original mission and vision in Christianity.

The labels are based on the vision of a particular church and leadership… I hear people compare ours to other churches outside… but for instance my church’s priority is missions. Take it out and they do nothing.


The Bo Noo Ni hitmaker asked Ghanaians not to raise their hopes high or whip big churches over record labels because they indirectly support gospel musicians.

I get it that is the core duty of the church… but there is a way to go about it… a church was using my song for one event and someone said if not for that, he didn’t know I was the one...

He explained that saying: Until we get that level of support, they can start in any of the small ways they can because if it is not the pastor’s vision. There is no way it will happen.

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