Jehovah’s Witnesses are set to release the New World Translation bible in 36 languages in 2021- the most in any year since releasing their first translation in 1950.

Among the new translations to be released include Akuapem Twi and American Sign Language (ASL) bibles.

The New World Translation ASL bible will be the first complete Bible in sign language in the world.

In a statement to announce the new Translations, the Jehovah’s Witnesses stated that “this revised translation has made significant effort to use contemporary language that speaks to the heart.”

The Akuapem Twi and ASL translations come to join earlier translations in Ewe, Ga, Nzema and the Greek scriptures (New Testament), in Dangme.

Due to Covid-19 safety protocols, hardcopies of the bibles will not be distributed straight away.

However, softcopies have been made available on the website.

As of December 31, 2020, the New World Translation was published, in whole or in part, in 195 languages.