Jackie Appiah works out in a video. Image Credit: @jackieappiah
Jackie Appiah works out in a video. Image Credit: @jackieappiah

Actress Jackie Appiah recently attended a wellness seminar organized by Valerie Oba, the daughter of President Nana Akufo-Addo.

The event, hosted by R&R Luxury and R&R Luxury Wellness Festival, showcased Valerie Oba’s businesses. During the seminar, Jackie Appiah was spotted exercising alongside Valerie Oba.

For the occasion, Jackie Appiah, opted for a fashionable workout ensemble. She wore a pair of stretchy lavender shorts that beautifully highlighted her curves, paired with a matching crop top.

To complete her look, she sported purple sneakers and white socks, while accessorizing with elegant gold bracelets and a wristwatch. With her radiant makeup and stylish bob wig, the talented actress looked stunning as always.

Jackie Appiah documented her experience at the seminar by sharing a video on her Instagram page. In the footage, she can be seen diligently following the instructor’s steps.

However, there was a moment when Jackie Appiah took a brief break from the exercises. She laid down on her yoga mat, resting her chin on her palms, and observed others as they continued with their workout routines.