Patapaa and his wife

Liha Miller, wife of musician Patapaa has sent subliminal shots to her husband and Ghanaians following the news of her divorce.

Speculations are that the couple have gone their separate ways after tying the knot in a solemn ceremony in January 2021 which has produced a child.

While confirming their relationship has gone south, Patapaa blamed their woes on blogger Zionfelix, and he is quoted saying, “It’s because of this guy I don’t want to see my wife again. He is the problem between I and my wife [sic]“.

Reacting to the tongue artiste’s tantrums, Liha Miller has subtly indicated she is unperturbed and thick-skinned.

She posted a video of herself and the blogger in question enjoying in the streets of Germany.

The German national, borrowing words from a viral sound, stated that she is not in the position to console anyone as she is also coming from a lot.

To Ghanaians and her online family, she has made it clear that “she doesn’t have time to explain herself to fools”.