The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said the decision of the Electoral Commission (EC) not to allow political party agents to monitor the ongoing vote transfer exercise is justifiable.

The Deputy General Secretary, Prof Haruna Mohammed has said it was unlawful for agents to have monitored the process all these years.

In an interview on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, Prof Haruna argued that no law explicitly states that political parties should be involved in the process.

The EC issued a directive seeking to stop political party agents from supervising the votes transfer exercise in response to several clashes that have transpired at its district offices.

The decision the EC explained was aimed at maintaining order and security during the process.

However, the NDC has instructed its party members to ignore the directive and proceed to various centres to monitor the transfer of votes.

The NDC argues that this EC directive could potentially facilitate gerrymandering through unlawful voter transfers, undermining the integrity of the electoral process.

But Prof Haruna has stated the NPP as a law abiding party will stick to the EC’s directive and stay away from the process.

“The law doesn’t state that political parties should go there with agents so it is unlawful. I don’t know what the EC says or the report they received but once we have started recording violence at the centres, we must adhere to the directive,” he stated.

Prof Haruna added that, the best measure NDC could have adopted was to engage the EC but not outrightly ignore the directive.