Traditional rulers have made a passionate appeal to the government to set aside a special day as a public holiday to commemorate their beliefs and relevance in the country just like Christians and Muslims.

Speaking at 4th edition of the National Libation Day held at Wheta in the Ketu North District, the Leader of the Africana Mission, Kokoetor Komfo Atsu Kove, noted that there is the need to have the African religion recognised.

Kokoetor Komfo Atsu Kove emphasised the importance of granting traditionalists in the country a holiday, just like other faiths, Muslims and Christians.

According to him, having a public holiday will promote a sense of belonging among traditionalists and encourage them to contribute more to the development of the country.

He believes that the African religion is very crucial for the development of the nation, and therefore it is important to have a public holiday.

Kokoetor Komfo Atsu Kove also noted that African religion has been there before Christian religion was introduced and so needs the necessary recognition to progress just like other religions.

He noted that Christians must learn to talk less and quietly worship what they believe instead of making derogatory remarks and comments about the traditional religion which according to him is sacred and full of honesty.

He noted that the church has become a business instead of saving souls for Christ.

”Christians talk too much and do little instead of winning souls for Christ. And most of the men of God are into business with their churches,“ he said.

The Leader for the African Traditional Freedom, Kelvin CK Ashiagbor, noted that there is the urgent need to have them well recognised and appreciated as a very important source of power behind the nation and Africa as a whole.

Kelvin Ashiagbor noted that Christians have taken the peaceful nature of God for granted and act contrary to his commandments, however, for the traditional worshippers, they take every commandment very serious and do strictly according to the rules and regulations of the religion.

The annual programme aims at bringing all traditional worshipers across Africa under one umbrella.