On-going investigations into the saga of En Huang aka Aisha Huang have revealed that she was granted an indefinite residence permit on the 28th of March 2015 which enabled/entitled her to stay/remain indefinitely in Ghana.

The consequences of her indefinite residence permit status were that she was entitled to “remain indefinitely in Ghana; entitled to enter Ghana without a visa and entitled to work in Ghana either as self-employed or as an employee without a work permit.”

This is according to the contents of a Memo authored and signed by one Isaac Luortey, Asst. Commissioner (Regional Commander) of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), Ashanti Region, which was addressed to the Deputy Comptroller-General of the GIS on 2nd September 2016.

The Memo under reference indicated that Eu Huang aka Aisha Huang first entered Ghana through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on the 28th of May 2006.

“…Since then the subject has been frequenting the country. She was previously on a dependant permit since the 5th of December 2013. Currently, she is on an indefinite Residence permit issued on the 29th March 2015,” articulated Mr Isaac Luortey.

Apparently, Mr Luortey’s Memo was triggered by media reports (Ghanaweb and Myjoyonline dated 24th August 2016) to the effect that Aisha Huang was engaged in illegal mining activities leading to the destruction of cocoa farms and pollution of water bodies; encroachment on other people’s concessions and that residents and chiefs of the affected Communities were planning to protest against her illegal mining activities.

“As a result of that, the woman in question EN HUANG was served with an invitation letter to enable the Command ascertain the situation on the ground. She reported herself on Tuesday, 30th August 2016 where her statement was taken”, noted Mr Luortey.

According to the Memo, it was realized that En Huang had been married to a Ghanaian known as Fabien Anthony for about 9 years.

She also disclosed that her husband had registered 2 companies in the country.

The nature of business of the second company (GOLDEN ASIA LTD.) was GENERAL MERCHANT IMPORT AND EXPORT OF GOODS & MINING. She was the 2nd. Director of the company.

Interestingly, Ms Huang “disclosed in her written statement that her four (4) Excavators seized by the National Security on the said site were released to her when the Ashanti Regional Minister indicated that the operation was conducted without his consent”, noted Mr Luortey.

En Huang, according to the Memo under reference, told investigators that her company (GOLDEN ASIA LTD.) supplied mining equipment to provide support services to EGYIR LTD. which had a small-scale mining concession at Gyaman Bopotenteng in Amansie Central District.

She produced an agreement letter signed by both companies to that effect. Furthermore, she indicated that she had engaged a Chinese national who provided repair work on her equipment.

“However, MS. HUANG could not produce mining support service license to back her operations at the said site”, emphasised Mr Luortey.

“This is in contravention of Section 59 of the Minerals and Mining Act 2006(ACT 703) which registers interested investors to provide approved services to companies operating within the industry hence her illegal activities”, underscored Mr Luortey.

Mr Luortey further clarified that notwithstanding En Huang’s indefinite residence immigration status granted in 2015, she still remained a foreigner and as such was liable to comply with Section 18(d) of the Immigration Act 2000(ACT 573) and the Mining and Minerals Act 2006.

“In light of the above, the following is being suggested without prejudice:

“1. GOLDEN ASIA LTD. should be made to pay a penalty for providing mining support services to another mining company without the requisite license.

“2. MS. HAUNG should be advised to register and obtain support service license to enable her continue her operations.

“3. MS.HAUNG would be directed to produce the said Chinese employee of her company in the office for further investigations”.

Attached to Mr Luortey’s Memo were the following documents:
*(1): Passport and other relevant pages
*(2): Agreement Letter between the two companies
*(3): Small-scale mining documents
*(4): Order for the release of seized equipment
*(5): Company documents.

Stay tuned for more series on the saga of En Huang aka Aisha Huang.