Rapper Amerado Burner has declared his intention to end his relationship with radio and TV presenter Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay.

In a video sighted on the page of blogger, @tutugyaguonline, Amerado is heard telling Delay that he was planning to end their friendship.

According to the rapper, since he became friends with the award-winning broadcaster, a lot of people do not see him for his craft as a rapper but see him as the ‘small boy of Delay.’

Looking sad in the video, Amerado lamented that fans refuse to comment on things he posts on social media but only come asking about Delay. Even his music projects are not spared this.


For him, that much attention on his relationship with Delay is taking a lot away from him as an artiste and it was about time he ended his relationship with Delay.

Delay, who was inside the room with Amerado but off the camera, was heard laughing at the rapper. She described Amerado as somebody who looked drained.

Amerado and Delay’s relationship has been the subject of social media gossip after developing a close relationship.

Many people have peddled rumours that the two are involved in an amorous relationship. That narrative started after Amerado claimed in an interview with Delay that he would like to date her. Since that interview, the two have been seen together quite often though Amerado is on record to have denied the rumours of a love affair.