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A young man based at Ashaiman, Wisdom, has stated that the Government of Ghana must provide jobs for the youth of Ashaiman, otherwise, the government must legalise the sale of weeds.

According to Wisdom, he has been jobless for a long while and depends on weed to cater for himself and his family.

Speaking on Ghetto Life Story on SVTV Africa, Wisdom revealed that he has been arrested many times for selling weed and remanded to two years in prison. He noted that the authorities sometimes arrest them without reason because they “know this area is a ghetto.”

“I started selling because my family had nothing, and my work collapsed after my boss travelled. So I decided to get into that business to support my family.

“There are no jobs here, and we must ask the government why there are no jobs here. Imagine you have no food to eat in the morning, won’t you find ways to get money? I’ve done a lot of bad things.”

Moreover, Wisdom pleaded with the government to provide jobs for the youth there because “companies do not even employ us when we mention Ashaiman. If they allow us to sell the weed, there will be no criminals.”

Wisdom shared some of the effects weed has had on his life. According to him, he smokes for the calming effects because he is quick-tempered.

“Cocaine is not good, but the youth mix it with weed these days. For me, I don’t do cocaine, but weed makes me think well,” Wisdom told DJ Nyaami.