After signing on to Empire record label, Lynx Entertainment has stopped posting Kuami Eugene’s songs on their YouTube channel. 

According to Kuami Eugene, it is a new development that he is enthused about. 

In an interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, the ‘Confusion’ hit maker said he is happy that he now has something he can call his own.

“There should be a change. Things are not running like they used to be. I think it is one beautiful one thing that has changed that I am actually glad about. 

Now I have my own YouTube account and I have over 70,000 subscribers already. I am sure by December I will hit like 100,000 subscribers. I appreciate every support that is coming in but I love that movement. It is just beautiful to wake up and see this is mine; this is the property that is in my hand one day,” he told the host Kuami Dadzie. 

Kuami who is out with his new album titled ‘Love & Chaos’ noted that both Lynx and Empire have a stake in his career. 

He mentioned that, even though Lynx’s control over his works has reduced after Empire came on board, the company still plays a crucial role in his music business. 

He cited how both labels contributed to selecting songs for his current album. 

“It’s the vibe from each side; there is a Kuami Eugene vibe, there is what Lynx wants as a record label and there is what Empire wants as a bigger record label as well so the three of us have to come together; myself as a creative and the two of these bodies,” he noted.

The Love & Chaos album has songs such as Cryptocurrency, Monica, Yolo, Abena, Rags to Riches, among others.