NPP flagbearer hopeful

A flagbearer hopeful of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Ing. Kwabena Agyepong, has promised to work with a ministerial team of 54 members, should he be elected as flagbearer of the party and subsequently the president.

He says by doing that, his government will demonstrate exemplary leadership in its quest to implement austerity measures.

“Our governments have been too large, so that’s the first thing to send a strong signal. It’s not about the quantum of money you save by downsizing the government, but the moral message you send to the Ghanaian people that you are serious about what you are doing.

“Cut down the government perks in Ghana right now, it appears people enjoy government perks more than the work that they are supposed to do. It’s important as leaders to lead by example, and that’s what I’ve said.

“We’ll cut down the government. I’ll work with a 54 ministerial team and that’s a stark departure from what we’ve used in the 4th Republic. That’s a major departure from what you are seeing, so it’s a policy plan,” the flagbearer hopeful assured during his campaign launch on Tuesday, July 11.

Additionally, Mr Agyepong stressed the need for the country to work towards balancing its budgets, explaining that operating on deficit financing was not a sustainable way to run a government.

He further vowed that his government will be significantly different, stating that he will ensure that Ghanaians get value for money.

Mr Agyepong emphasised that should he become president, he would implement these plans to strengthen the country’s economy.

“It’s not about rhetoric or sloganeering. It’s about real cuts that would ensure that you can free the resources that we require to support youth regeneration, to support entrepreneurship, and the things that we need to rebuild our economy.”