Adansi Asokwa Member of Parliament (MP) Kobina Tahir (K.T.) Hammond has threatened to give his main contender in the New Patriotic Party primaries, Sammy Binfoh Darkwah a showdown.

The Trade and Industry Minister has vowed to beat the Deputy CEO of the Ghana Library Authority mercilessly for allegedly using macho men to attack his supporters.

He said the attack occurred on Friday night, claiming some of the suspects came to his house to apologise after the act.

“We have had elections in this constituency for 24 years and there has not been any act of violence or chaos but Sammy Binfoh comes in anytime to cause trouble. I am very disappointed one of my people had an AK47 but decided to use a pistol to defend himself,” he stated.

A visibly angry KT Hammond warned Mr Binfoh to leave the constituency immediately for his own safety.

“I will give him two showdowns. I will humiliate him at the polls and get him beaten physically. This is not violence but a notice so wherever he is, he should leave town quickly.

How can he attack my people and think he will get away with it. I will organise for him to be beaten physically,” he threatened amidst attempt by some policemen to calm him down.

Ahead of the primaries, Mr Hammond petitioned the National Executive Committee (NEC), seeking the disqualification of Mr Binfoh and two other contenders.

He alleged that his opponents; Mr Binfoh, Dr. Enoch Acheampong, and Kwabena Nkansah Asamoah are not card-bearing members of the party and have not done any work in the constituency to merit representing the constituents.

Watch KT Hammond’s outburst in the video attached above: