Okyeame Kwame

Rapper Okyeame Kwame says he is surprised no Ghanaian pastor was able to foresee the deadly respiratory disease, Covid-19, which is affecting many across the globe.

In a long note to query pastors, the rapper said If they couldn’t see Covid coming how are we supposed to believe their post-Covid prophecies? [SIC].


Check out his piece below:

I have been given many prophecies, both generic and specific. Some I believed and some I did not but none of which came to pass.

•One time a Pastor told me I will die if I do not put a Jesus Christ Poster in my studio.

•Another said 15 years (2005 ) ago in Jan 1st that by June same year my wife now who was my girlfriend then would cause a problem that would lead to our break up.

•One even said I would become a drug addict.

One also said I would live in England and marry a white woman. This very one made my mum very happy and she was vehemently expecting ‘half caste’ grand children. 😅

Out of those prophecies, I never received one that I could actually benefit from.

•For example, don’t organize your show on Dec 15th it will rain.

•Don’t release your song this date, because a global disaster will seize the media attention amongst others🌚

I have come to the conclusion that I do not need a prophecy !!!!!! What I need is to make the best decision under the circumstances with the right intel ,intuition , conscience and God’s will.

Aha ! and prophecies take the excitement out of the future. It’s like watching a movie and knowing the final outcome. I agree that it might work for other people but it’s just not my thing. Mallams, mediums, fortune tellers ,Akomfo and others have given prophecies about football matches, presidential elections and family witch-hunt, but I have never heard one about famished children dying of malaria and malnutrition in war zones. Covid-19 is telling us something about this phenomenon.

I am sure I am not the only Ghanaian who is surprised a single prophet could not see this pandemic coming. If Ghanaian prophets could really foretell the future, imagine how covid-free we would have been!

I wonder what prophets are telling their church members about why none of them saw Covid-19 coming. If they couldn’t see covid coming how are we supposed to believe their post-covid prophecies?

Maybe they did not see Covid-19 coming because Ghanaian prophets specialize in domestic personal matters and covid is an international event. Or maybe covid exceeded their imagination. Or maybe they only prophesy about things they’ve seen before.

Whatever the case may be for why no prophet could see Covid-19 coming, I hope each of us continues to take care and be safe. The disease has not gone anywhere. The government has lifted the lockdown because economic life must go on but the numbers are on the rise.

Please observe social distancing, use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask as much as possible even if a prophet tells you not to do that. We need you alive.

1. What explanation have you heard a prophet give about why they didn’t have foreknowledge of covid-19?

2. Has the lack of forewarning about covid-19 changed how you feel about prophecies?

3. Have u received a prophecy before? did it come to pass accurately or half and half?