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ICUMS not responsible for variance in revenue target


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has denied reports by the media that the not-so-long-ago Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS), deployed at the country’s points of entry, has resulted in revenue losses to the country.

The GRA, in a press statement dated August 3, 2020, asserted that the numerous media reportages of ICUMS ‘causing’ revenue losses at the country’s land and sea borders, particularly the Tema Collection, were “completely misleading and does not represent the facts on the ground.”

According to the revenue mobilisation body, monthly average revenue collection pre-Covid-19 and during Covid-19 are GHS 942 million and GHS 574.8 million respectively.

It argues that the GHS 574.8 revenue mobilisation figure compared to end-June revenue mobilisation figure of GHS 554 million at the Tema Collection point does not show significant differences in revenue mobilisation hence, ICUMS cannot be said to be the cause of the revenue shortfalls as the media seem to suggest.


The cause of revenue shortfalls the GRA argues further is due to the border closure and restrictions placed on movement of persons resulting in a slowdown in port related activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The body clearing the air on the misconception that the ICUMS is to blame for the variances in the revenue at the ports, stated that it is focused on its core mandate of mobilising revenue for national development and that it remains committed to constantly monitoring revenue performance at the ports whilst making efforts to resolve all initial challenges in the deployment of the ICUMS.

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