A Plus

Musician cum politician, Kwame A Plus, has disclosed how some New Patriotic Party (NPP) bigwigs allegedly asked him to attack Bryan Acheampong, the Member of Parliament or Abetifi constituency in the Eastern Region in 2008.

In a Facebook live video, A Plus recalled receiving a telephone call from a top government official who asked him to do dirty job against Mr Acheampong because he was being stubborn.

In 2008, after the election, I fought with Bryan Acheampong… When it started the (official)… told me that NPP communication had gone for a meeting and the team said Bryan was stubborn so I should attack him.

That time I was a fool. The time the politicians were using us is past. Everyone is going through a phase… I was stupid then.

A Plus further alleged that after the NPP had won the 2016 elections, some NPP big guns again asked him to attack Mr Acheampong, the current Minister of State at the Ministry of National Security, because it was likely he was going to be appointed a minister by President Nana Akufo-Addo.


A plus again confessed that he did the job out of excitement because he had powerful people supporting him.

According to A Plus, he is spitting out this truth to caution people who do dirty jobs for politicians because they might not reap positively from it.

If you make a mistake politicians will use and dump you. So I had to wake up one day and apologise to Bryan. To let him know what happened.

Watch the video below: