Homosexuality is still broadly seen as a social taboo

A bisexual and a member of the LGBT+ community in Ghana, Lawrence Doku, AKA OB Julie, has shared the circumstances that led to his newly found identity.

Speaking to svtvafrica on the subject, he disclosed that even as he walked and talked like a female, the thought had never crossed his mind until he met a man who proposed love to him.

”I was about 24 years when I realised that I preferred men. He told me he liked me and promised to do anything I wanted. Eventually, we had sex and it was just like having sex with a female. I’ve had sexual relations with women as well and there is no difference,” OB Julie said.


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He further stated that he identifies as a bisexual and hopes to marry a woman and have children.

“I want children so I will get married eventually and have children. She can do whatever she pleases in our marriage but I won’t let her know that I’m into men as well, ” he explained.

According to him, he has been living as a bisexual for over eight years and has slept with well over 100 men.