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I want to be president because the nation lacks something – Cheddar


Ghanaian businessman and presidential aspirant, Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Cheddar says that he is running for office because he believes that there is something the nation lacks.

According to him, there are several areas where Ghana is falling short, and he believes that he has the ability to address these issues.

Cheddar appealed to the people of Ghana to support him in his bid for the presidency.

“Please give me the chance let me do it I have the energy, I have the time, I have the grace, I have the glory. It’s not like I have five years more to live life or something. I feel like I’m halfway through my life or a little bit over halfway through my life. There is still energy here, there is power here. I can do it.”

Nana Kwame Bediako added that Ghanaians need to be responsible for their country’s resources and make sure that they are used wisely.

He stated that, if Ghanaians take on this responsibility, they can make the country a better place in the next ten years.

He believes that the people of Ghana are the most important resource and that they must be valued in order for the country to be successful.

“When you go to America, they give value to the people. They find a way to let them eat, they find a way to cure them. There’s insurance. The people don’t die easily in America and if you kill someone, you will pay for it. It’s not like Ghana that someone can just kill someone and some police will take bribe and let them walk away.”

“You need to be serious about human life. You need to be serious about the minerals that God has given you.”


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