Bartender and single mother, Rebecca Nartey, has disclosed that though she wants her ex-husband back, her family will not approve of it because he never apologised for slapping her elder sister.

She made the revelation on SVTV Africa stating that she may accept him for the sake of the children but he has to apologise first.

“I want my husband back for our children but when he slapped my elder sister, he never apologised; so my family will not accept him until he does,” she said.


Becky, as she is mostly referred to, revealed that her husband has physically abused her on several occasions.

“He has hit me before; several times. But it is all part of the marriage. I don’t like to complain but if he wants to leave, fine.

“I will never advise any young lady to allow a man to hit her just because she is married to him,” she revealed.

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