File Photo: Suicide
File Photo: Suicide

Entrepreneur and student, Abigail, has revealed a tragic part of her life and how she overcame the trauma of living with an abusive lover to blogger SVTV.

Abigail who has suffered multiple waves of abuse said the first time it happened was in public when the man, now an ex-boyfriend, got furious with her for speaking to an old male friend.

“He barely said anything to me before slapping and hitting me with his foot. I felt like it was a dream. When we got home, he cried and apologized but it didn’t stop,” Abigail narrated.


She added that the abuse intensified to the point of her harboring the idea of committing suicide.

According to her, she tried jumping off a storey building or taking pills that could help end her life.

“One time, I bought pills to end my life. I had everything set and ready but I remembered I’m the only daughter of my mom and the guy will just marry some lady after my death. I did not want to cause my mother that pain and suffering,” she added.

Abigail said her abusive past has had some effect on her, psychologically and has also affected her preferences when it comes to the kind of man to choose for a relationship.

“If I notice any sign of physical or verbal abuse in a man, I back off. I won’t take it, even as a joke because it is real,” she said.

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