Whitney Boakye Mensah | Photo by @whitofmiracles/Instagram

Entertainment pundit and event organiser, Whitney Boakye Mensah, has disclosed how difficult life was for her prior to having her first child.

Following Selly Galley’s recent brouhaha where one young lady called her out and tagged her as barren and ugly, Miss Mensah said she went through a similar fate where she had seven miscarriages and two stillbirths.

According to her, life was unbearable for her because people called her variety of names, adding that, all hopes were lost for her at one point.

I am a survivor of seven miscarriages and two stillbirths. Under normal circumstances, if my first boy was alive he will be 14 or 13 … All of them were boys.

One of the hardest thing was that at the end of every month, as a married woman, there is a timetable set for you by society. People will be looking at your tummy, those who have no decorum will ask you what are you waiting for and why you haven’t given birth?, she said in the Akan language.

The industry player, who was revealing truths about her child-bearing journey, further disclosed how she visited pastors and even went ahead to strip naked in front of them for a child.


They don’t know that you are having IVF or checking your temperature. At a point my weight was 150 kg due to fertility drugs. I have been to places, where I question myself if I was the one who went there but fortunately I was with my husband.

I have had people saying I should visit the seashore and call for a child at night. Some men of God tell me the sperm for the child to survive is with them.

According to her, it takes the grace of God to become pregnant, hence people, who abused women or couples trying to have a child, should refrain from such gestures.

It’s always about women, and unfortunately, it is ladies, if you have not walked in the shoes of waiting for a child, you have no idea how Selly Galley felt. You don’t know the number of times that she has cried and questioned God.

But because of cheap internet people abuse and talk anyhow. The funny thing is those who got married recently will become your counsel.

It should serve as a lesson to all of us that we should not laugh at people who haven’t given birth, the mother of three boys advised.