A lady adventure traveler has narrated her ordeals in the Arabian regions and Mauritania when she decided to have a feel of desert life.

Traveling at a tender age of 19 somewhere in Back in 2009, the lady whose identity we have kept has narrated how she took mini travels to various parts of Ghana before making her way to Bawku where she joined some illegal travelers to Lybia.

As she embarked on the deadly journey, the lady said she had to become a ‘ghetto’ hustler, living among 40 men who groomed her on self-survival.

She told the vlogger, SVTV that after a chance raised its head, she quickly joined another set of travelers who made their way to Arab to start life afresh.


“I was introduced to some Arabians but the maltreated me; they locked me up in a ghetto. I was eating only gari and sugar throughout my stay because I could not afford proper food. I took a job as a food vendor but my employee was evil. She gave me pressure and insults me upon little provocation. Aside from all that she will still not pay me, not a single penny,” she narrated.

The frustration, she said, pushed her into stealing an equivalent of GHS 10,000 from her Arabian benefactor, after which she fled to Mauritania where the story was no different.

She revealed she finally decided to head back to Ghana via bus, but she was forced to sleep with cattle and camel for two days in exchange for transportation fees after she was deported.

As though her toils on the deadly trip were nothing, drugs, coupled with an extravagant lifestyle became her portion as she blew the GHS 10,000 and karats of gold she possessed on such worthless activities.