Artiste manager and entertainment critic, Nana Poku Ashis, says he contracted the novel coronavirus after he paid a visit to one of his friends in France.

According to him, he wasn’t aware he had been infected until he arrived in Ghana from his trip abroad.

In an interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz show, the former manager of singer Kumi Guitar said he felt ill and only got to find out after his friend confessed he had tested positive in France.

When I came back from France I felt it. It was heavy in my system… I contracted it. I brought it from France. That’s why I hid myself.


The guy that I was rolling with in France had it and didn’t know. So when I came back, he told me to go and check myself. I had pains in my chest…radiation, my throat and you feel uneasy, he told Andy Dosty.

When asked how he was able to recover from it, Ashis named “hot water” as one of the relevant antidotes to the deadly respiratory disease.

The thing is hot water is the cure. People are not listening. The people who listen are curing themselves. Their climate is already cold but if you are able to sustain your body with hot water, you’re good to go.

Apple Cidar Vinegar… that thing works and your vitamins and hot water. The virus doesn’t like hot temperature, he said.