Popular Highlife artiste, Odartei Milla Lamptey, known in music circles as Gasmilla, has revealed what it took for his maiden track ‘Aboodatoi’ to become a hit.

He disclosed that it took him three years of constant promotion to get the audience’s attention to his track.

After getting the perfect rhythm and promoting the record for two years, there was still a missing link in the song, he said on Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra.

gasmilla on Adom TV

That disconnect, he came to realise was from the hook, adding that he was forced to restructure the entire content.

It was during one of such studio sessions that he said he inserted the famous Ga line “Bo dientse oshamono, nya”, to wit “ease yourself in your own chamber pot.”

He said the line made his producer hyper, hence they decided to maintain it in the song, and boom, it became a hit.

However, to the more refined lot, the song is ‘trash’.

Reacting to claims that his Aboodatoi song is raw, but not a profane song, Gasmilla defended that it is normal in the Ga community where he hails.

He cited how residents could not hold ceremonies without including a couple of his music, a situation he believes indicated that “I have hit the jackpot”.