Gospel musician Nana Yaw Boakye, popularly known as MOG Music, passed by Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz show on Friday to make some deep revelations about his life and drug abuse.

According to him, he stopped drinking and smoking marijuana when he met Christ, adding that, alcohol also damages the liver so he embraced teetotalism.

The Be Lifted crooner said his past experiences thought him how deadly alcohol can be. Citing the Bible to support his statement, he delved into the story of Noah.

Alcohol is not good for Christians. The Bible says the excess is bad and when you drink too much you end up hurting your liver. You have to advise yourself if something you drinking is killing your body …you just have to stop it, he said.

I don’t know anyone who has drank alcohol and has lived over 100 years. Noah took alcohol and his children saw his nakedness.. People who drink excessively do a public show… I am speaking from experience so I know what I am saying.


Talking further about his past life, MOG said he used to smoke marijuana due to peer pressure but his mother’s prayers saved him from such friends.

I used to smoke too and people don’t believe it when I say it. I had some friends that were having these effects on me. And I was a virgin at that time too so I needed to do something to make me relevant.

I would never say I regret it coz it helped shaped me. Some experiences had to let me do things my own way and my parents didn’t know about it. My mum is a very prayerful woman and I think her prayers helped me and moved me away from these friends.

Climaxing the talk with host KMJ, MOG Music said: I am ashamed of my actions in the past. I was not well-informed and doing what I want but when I understood this is not the right way I regretted my action but it happened through peer pressure.