The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) says the Food and Drugs Authority, the Ghana Health Service, Health Ministry, the World Health Organisation or any reputable international drug or health regulatory body has not approved, authorised or recommended the use of hydrogen peroxide for the prevention or treatment of Covid-19.

Their statement follows recent media publications on the use of hydrogen peroxide to prevent Covid-19, which has led to panic buying and shortage of the product from pharmacy outlets.

According to the GMA, hydrogen peroxide had originally been used as a disinfectant specifically in Ghana in very low concentrations.

Hydrogen peroxide is a registered antiseptic says FDA

But the GMA stated that “In Ghana, hydrogen peroxide at low concentrations of 3-6% w/v is registered by the FDA as antiseptic for minor cuts, wounds and skin ulcers and also a mouthwash and deodorant gargle.”

They stated that despite published observational studies in Ghana and across the world suggesting that hydrogen peroxide “may be used” for the prevention of Covid-19, “it does not constitute sufficient proof that it will work in human populations to prevent or treat Covid-19 at this present moment.”

However, to ascertain its effectiveness in the fight against the novel coronavirus, randomised clinical trials both locally and internationally on the use of hydrogen peroxide have started.

Till the results from the trials are published, the GMA is recommending that citizens handle the product with care as they would any other drug taking into consideration that “the misuse of same could lead to serious physical and undesirable medical consequences.”

Below is the full statement: