Dubai Police has released the first-ever visuals of how most-wanted Nigerian, Hushpuppi and his 12-member gang were arrested.

He was arrested by the International Police (Interpol) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Dubai together with his crew in the early days of June in one of their hideouts.

The Dubai Police Headquarters in the video hinted they had for four months tracked their every movement as well as monitor their social media activities.

They were allegedly involved in scams worth $435.6 million after defrauding 1,926,400 people, including companies of which they made fake emails to divert funds into their own account.

The police reclaimed 21 computers, 47 smartphones, five hard discs containing data, 15 storage devices and money amounting to $40,839,107.53.


The Instagram celebrity drew Interpol’s attention to himself following his lavish life he proudly flaunted on social media.

He is known for ordering customised versions of products even before they are publicly launched.

Watch video of his arrest below: